You can access our APIs with Vakifbank API Store, test our APIs and use them in your own applications.

Create Your Account

You need to create an account via Signup to log in to the Portal. If your account is activated, you can log in via Login.

Create Your Application

You must create your own application to use our APIs. You can add multiple APIs to your application.

You must enter your application name and select your platform type with the Application Information tab. If desired, you can enter a description of your application.

You can add our APIs that you want to use in your application by accepting our terms of use on the API Management tab. Then you can authorize our APIs with the Auth tab.

If you save your application, your application will be listed under the Application tab. You can view the APIs and quota status information for your application with the API Usage button.

First, your application will appear in Pending Approval status. If your application is approved by the system, its status will be updated to Active. Your application will be assigned an automatic API Key. You can add or remove APIs to your application, disable it or delete your application with the Settings symbol.

API List and Plans

You can access the list of public APIs with the APIs tab, the quota information of the APIs, the usage and call times of the APIs with the Plans tab in the APIs & Plans section.

API Service Details

You can access web service input and output information, sample requests and answers for all APIs from the Documentation tab. You can also test the APIs you've added to your application through this tab.

Test Our APIs

You can test the selected APIs within the API Explorer tab in the Resource section.

Use Our API

You can call APIs after you get Authentication with API Key and API Secret produced by the system.

Transition to Real Environment

After your VakıfBank API test process is completed, you should request to change your APIs' existing API Plans to Production for the real environment. If API Plan change is approved by the system, APIs will be available in real environment.


You can return to e-mail address for all API questions.